I always hear His voice, speaking in a whisper to my heart.  Doesn’t matter if I’m by myself, or in a crowd.  He is always with me.  He is a God of miracles, of grace, mercy, and unconditional love.  He has changed my life, and has called me into a life set apart for ministry-called to preach the gospel and help those who are captive be set free, those who are sick get healed, and those who are heading to hell for eternity get saved. … More IAMJESUSGAL

She died…and now lives!!! Five years GODS Grace.

She was only 16…SIXTEEN. She was intelligent and athletic… Very self-disciplined, strong willed, determined. With hopes & dreams…things to do, and places to go. Then a hurricane named IRENE battered her stormy eye right over Gloucester County, fiver years ago today, August 27, 2011…. Most ‘ladies’ are predominantly ‘late.’ But Irene? This ‘lady’ storm was … More She died…and now lives!!! Five years GODS Grace.